Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Reflections On The Second Month

Alive and Kicking By God's Grace

Amazing! The second month in India has passed! It's time once again to pause and reflect on God's providence and grace over the previous thirty days.

I will start by going over some of the events that have happened here in the ministry and in India as a nation.

In India:
  1. Independence Day Celebrations, India celebrated it's 62nd year of Independence.

  2. The fantastic trip to the Mountain church. I enjoyed spending some time with Indian pastors who are serving in remote villages. The vast mountain scenery was also beautiful.

  3. More than 20 believers were baptized. This was the most recent on campus baptism since Palm Sunday.

  4. Was privileged to attended a wedding at a nearby mountain tribe.

  5. For the first time ever (In India) I have electric power 24/7. Unless you have lived here, there is no way of really explaining how wonderful this is. It has to be experienced.

  6. Our honorable chief minister, Rajasekhara Reddy passed away in a tragic helicopter crash during a violent thunder storm last week. Though deeply saddened by the loss of perhaps the greatest Chief minister in Indian history, Indian Christians are praising God for His kindness in blessing the state and nation through him .
Divine Providence At Work:

By God's grace I have been able to blog fairly regularly, and the content has been decent. In a unique way the blog challenges me to preserve ideas on a daily basis by recording them online. Focusing on Christ has been crucial even in directing the types of truths I have selected for this site.

In bible study this morning, providentially we re-examined this text;

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6

Prayer Requests:

  • pray that I will not waste a day here in India
  • pray that deep affections for God will be my primary motivation
  • pray for growth
  • pray for contagious joy
  • praise God for keeping me physically healthy for an incredible amount of time

Thank you very much for all your prayers, emails, blog comments, and support. It's been an amazing two months.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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WhiteStone said...

Hmm. Alive and Kicking By God's Grace. I like that one. I'm happy I can say the same. heh-heh

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